Hair Extensions Benefits – Colours and Clip in Extensions

Hair extensions are all the rage and our newspapers, magazines and gossip websites are often showcasing the latest celebrities and their own variety of clip in hair extensions. Hair styles of all shapes, sizes and colours are created through the use of these highly popular fashion accessories.

hair extensions 1
Although extensions are probably worn mostly to achieve a new glamorous and stylish look, they are far from being a one trick pony and there are all kinds of benefits.
Hair colour is perhaps one of the most obvious reasons to wear hair extensions. Are you blonde and fancy being a brunette for a while? Do you have dark hair but have always dreamed of being blonde, if only for a night or two? Or perhaps you just want to be really trendy and want red hair like many of the movie stars and pop idols. Well, you can decide to go any colour you want to with the benefit of hair extensions.

Will you wear your hair short or long? It’s probably fair to say that extensions are generally going to “extend” a hairstyle and it’s a great opportunity to add not only length but also a much fuller body to your hair. You may already have long hair but just fancy it a few inches longer and a little bit thicker, perhaps subtly blending a couple of different colours together. If you have short hair, you may want to make a stunning entrance to that special event or party, surprising all your friends with your new longer locks!

hair extensins 2
If you are worried about how you might shape and style your new clip in hair extensions, then worry no longer because as long you buy decent quality then you will be able to shape your new hair just as you always have with your own natural hair.
There are other benefits too, away from simply looking glamorous. Some women unfortunately suffer from hair that can be patchy and prone to patches of baldness and extensions can be a great way of covering these areas and giving confidence back, especially when out in public.
Extensions can also help to give your natural hair a breather from all of the products that you might use on it on a daily basis. With hair extensions in place, let them take the full brunt of all the electric hair straighteners for a while, whilst your own recovers.
So, you can see there are lots of great benefits of wearing hair extensions, from simply wanting a new look to actually helping to maintain healthy hair.


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